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dotToolbar Buttons

Exit Button Exit Close the terminal.
Open Button Open Open a terminal configuration file.
Save Button Save Save the current configuration.
Copy Button Copy Copy the current screen to the clipboard, as text.
Paste Button Paste Paste the clipboard contents, as text, into the keyboard buffer.
Print Button Print Print the current screen.
Fonts Button Fonts Change the current font.
Properties Button Properties Configure the terminal emulation.
Connect Button Connect Connect to a remote machine or dial a number using the modem.
Disconnect Button Disconnect Disconnect from a remote machine or hang-up the modem.
Reset Button Reset Resets the terminal: clears the screen, shows the cursor, homes the cursor and unlocks the keyboard. Same as ALT-F3.
Programmable Button Programable Buttons 01-04 Click to send a commonly used string or command. Right-click to program the tool-tip and the command string.
WARNING: Do not store any private or security related information (e.g. passwords) in here.
'Paste-Buffers - Paste' Button Paste-Buffers - Paste When clicked, shows a drop-list of the above '*.txt' files. When a selection is made, that file is read (everytime), translated into 'binary' from '^M^J' form, and pasted into the terminal session.

Note: CR/LF codes and other non-printable characters in the text file are stripped out and control-codes are represented by using a caret '^' as a meta-character. For example, <CR> (0x0D) is CTRL-M and is represented as '^M'. <LF> (0x0A) is CTRL-J and is represented as '^J'. The code <RS> CTRL-^ (0x1E) is represented by '^~'. The code <DEL> (0x7F) is represented by '^?'. The character '^' is represented by the special sequence '^^'. For more information, see Paste-Buffers.
'Paste-Buffers - Reload' Button Paste-Buffers - Reload Rescans the users Wiseterm directory: 'C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Wiseterm' looking for files that match '*.txt'. This feature is obsolete, but still exists for backwards compatibility purposes. The files-names of any matching files now appear automatically in the 'Paste-Buffers - Paste' button drop-list. For more information, see Paste-Buffers.

Customise Toolbar
  • It is possible to drag the toolbar buttons by holding down the shift key and clicking-and-holding on a button.
  • If you drag the button off the toolbar and release, the button will be removed from the toolbar.
  • Double-click on the toolbar body to pop-up the following customisation dialog:
dotCustomise Toolbar

  • Use the 'Add ->' and '<- Remove' buttons to move toolbar buttons between the two lists. The toolbar will reflect the current layout.
  • Double-clicking on the button items in the lists will move the button into the other list.
  • Re-order the buttons by using the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons.
  • The 'Reset' button will restore the toolbar layout to how it was when the customisation dialog was started.

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