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This product is SHAREWARE and comes with a 30-day free trial. It is a fully-functioning Evaluation Version. After the trial period has ended the product continues working, but you are politely requested to submit $90.00 if you intend to continue using it.

The dialog-box that is displayed for 5 seconds at startup, and then repeatedly appears is not shown in the registered version. If this box is annoying you, and you would like to continue using this product please register your version.

Versions of Wiseterm from 3.1.9 and later store the registration information (or licence) in the system registry. To register Wiseterm for all users of the system in one go, you must register Wiseterm whilst running as the 'Administrator' or as a 'Power-user'. Otherwise, only the current user will be registered to use Wiseterm. It's possible to register users one-by-one but that process could rapidly become tiresome.
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