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Settings - Features

Wrap EOL On/Off At the end of the current line, the cursor moves to the next line or, the cursor stays where it is, and the last character is overwritten.
Auto-Page Mode On/Off Causes the next or previous page to be displayed (if there is one) when the cursor moves off the top or bottom of the current page.
Status Line On/Off Enables the terminal status line.
Key Labels On/Off Enables the terminal key labels.
Backspace as DEL On/Off When checked the Backspace key sends DEL (0x7F) instead of BS (0x08). This just changes the default value, the Backspace key can still be reprogrammed.
US Spelling On/Off Causes the terminal user interface to use US instead of UK spellings. The default (determined when the terminal is first run) is based upon user language settings.
Auto-Scroll On/Off Causes the screen to scroll when the cursor moves off the top or bottom of the screen. Otherwise, the cursor rolls round from the bottom to the top and vice-versa.
Recognise DEL On/Off Causes a space to be written at the current cursor location, followed by a cursor left.
Monitor Mode On/Off All emulation is disabled and the character representing the code is displayed. Works best with a font that has characters for the control codes.
Key Repeat On/Off Enables key repeat.
Allow Keylock On/Off Enables the keylock commands to lock the keyboard. Alt-F3 will reset the terminal, unlocking the keyboard.
Sound Off/System/Internal Enables the terminal beep and allows the use of either the Program Event Notification "System" using the "Default Beep/sound" event or, alternatively, the "Internal" loud-speaker.
Answerback Settings Text Allows a 20 character Answerback message to be defined.
Answerback On/Off Enables the Answerback commands.
Conceal On/Off Hides the Answerback message from the terminal user.

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