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Settings - Display

Columns 80 80-Column mode.
132 132-Column mode.
Econ-80 80-Column mode with extra pages.
Lines 24 24-Line mode.
25 25-Line mode.
42 42-Line mode.
43 43-Line mode.
Page 1 x Lines Each page is N x Lines.
2 x Lines ...
4 x Lines ...
* First page is 1 x Lines, second page uses the remainder of the page memory.
Cursor Steady Block Steady, block cursor.
Blink Line Not implemented.
Steady Line Not implemented.
Blink Block Blinking, block cursor.
Scrollback 100-5000 Number of lines in the scrollback buffer.
Apron On/Off Permanently on if Auto Fonts enabled. Otherwise, allows window resizing and fills unused screen area with background colour.
Multiple Pages On/Off Enables commands for multiple pages.
Inverse On/Off Inverts use of the foreground and background colours.
80/132 Clear On/Off Forces a clear screen when changing between 80 and 132 columns.
X Tracking On/Off Not implemented.
Fonts Click Opens the fonts dialog.
Reset Scrollback On/Off When checked, re-positions the scrollbar at the bottom where the cursor is if there is display activity.
Ignore Linedraw On/Off If the 'MS Linedraw' font is not present either because it was not installed or because Wiseterm was unable to install it (typically when installed by a restricted user) a message-box is displayed every time Wiseterm is started. When checked this will prevent the message-box from being displayed.

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