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Settings - Communications

Connection TCP/IP Socket Uses the telnet protocol on Port.
Serial COM port Uses either the Modem or Aux. Host Port.
Port Integer TCP port number (the Telnet default is 23).
Host Port Modem Port Uses the Modem Port settings.
Aux. Port Uses the Aux. Port settings.
DNS Lookup On/Off When unchecked, an IP address is no longer converted into a hostname. A hostname is always looked up using DNS.
Binary Session On/Off Changes only take effect when a session is re-started. When checked, the Telnet session is forced into binary mode using option negotiation. If unchecked, the server must initiate switching to binary mode. If the command-line option -b or --nobinary is present switching to binary mode is disabled.
Echo Mode Full Characters typed are sent, but there is no local echo.
Block Not implemented.
Half Characters typed are sent, and echoed locally.
Half Block Not implemented.
Local Characters typed are not sent, but are echoed locally.
Receive CR CR Terminal performs a CR.
CR/LF Terminal performs a CR/LF sequence.
Tx Timeout Integer Transmit timeout in seconds.
Send ACK On/Off Terminal sends an ACK after certain operations, e.g. Clear.
Null Suppress On/Off Not implemented.

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