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Settings - Attributes

Attribute Mode Char Attribute affects current character only, except in Wise 50+ emulation, when it is the same as Page.
Page Attribute's effect ripples through entire page, or until another attribute is encountered.
Line Attribute's effect ripples through current line, or until another attribute is encountered.
Emulation Wise 50+ Emulates Wise 50/50+ terminal.
Wise 60 Emulates Wise 60/120/150 terminal.
Write-Protect Intensity Normal Write-Protected characters are normal.
Dim Write-Protected characters are dim.
Invisible Write-Protected characters are invisible.
Dim/Invisible Write-Protected characters are dim/invisible (makes sense when reverse is enabled, also).
Write-Protect Reverse On/Off Combines with Write-Protected Intensity.
Write-Protect Underline On/Off Combines with Write-Protected Intensity.
Short Key Definitions On/Off Sets maximum length of programmable key definition to 8.
Debug Emulation On/Off Causes a pop-up box to appear if an un-implemented or unknown ESC or CTRL sequence is received.

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