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  • Versions of Wiseterm from 3.1.9 and later store settings and licence information in a different way to earlier versions. The main terminal settings file 'WY55.WTX' and the old .ini file 'WISETN32.INI' (which contains the MRU list) are now stored, on a per-user basis, in the directory: 'C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Wiseterm\'. This location is read from the registry and not hard-coded into Wiseterm. The phone-list 'PHONENUM.LST' is also stored there by default. When updating from earlier versions, if these files don't already exist, they are copied automatically when the new version of Wiseterm is first run.
  • When using a registered version only, it is possible to customise the Email and Web fields of the About box to contain your support information. E-mail me here john@wiseterm.co.uk for details.
  • Blinking text only works in 256-Colour modes.

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