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These key sequences work at all times and allow some terminal settings to be changed quickly :

ALT-<F3> - Resets the terminal.
ALT-<F4> - Closes the terminal.
ALT-<UP ARROW> - Moves the scrollbar up one line.
ALT-<DOWN ARROW> - Moves the scrollbar down one line.
ALT-<PAGE UP> - Moves the scrollbar up two thirds of a screen.
ALT-<PAGE DOWN> - Moves the scrollbar down two thirds of a screen.
ALT-<HOME> - Moves the scrollbar to the top.
ALT-<END> - Moves the scrollbar to the bottom.
ALT-<LEFT ARROW> - Scrolls viewport left horizontally.
ALT-<RIGHT ARROW> - Scrolls viewport right horizontally.
CTRL-SHIFT-<KEYPAD1> - Toggles monitor mode (NUMLOCK must be off).
CTRL-<LEFT ARROW> - Toggles terminal status line.
CTRL-SHIFT-<HOME> - Homes cursor and clears page.
CTRL-<KEYPAD0-6> - Shows pages 0-6 if available.
CTRL-<PAGEDOWN> - Display next page or activate other window.
CTRL-<PAGEUP> - Display previous page or activate other window.
CTRL-<UP ARROW> - Roll active window up in page.
CTRL-<DOWN ARROW> - Roll active window down in page.
CTRL-<KEYPAD MINUS> - Raise horizontal split.
CTRL-<KEYPAD PLUS> - Lower horizontal split.
CTRL-SHIFT-<KEYPAD MINUS> - Toggle split screen / fullscreen mode.
CTRL-<TAB> - Launch the viewer application.

Most of these sequences are compatible with those found on a Wyse terminal.

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