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The Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal provides a comprehensive emulation of the WY-50tm, WY-50+tm and WY-60tm series of terminals.
Please Note : No VT52tm, VT100tm or VT220tm emulation is provided.

Emulation features :

Windowstm features :

Unsupported emulation features :

  • Most send/read commands.
  • Double width, double height line attributes.
  • Keyboard ASCII/PC scan-code modes and application key mode.
  • Font banks and programmable characters.
  • Message field attributes.
  • Remote port setting commands.
  • Printing commands.
  • Smooth scrolling.
  • Margin bell commands.
  • Editing status line.
  • Screen saver commands.
  • Enhance mode commands.

Trademarks :
dot WY-50, WY-50+, WY-60 and Economy 80-column are registered trademarks of Wyse Technology Inc.
dot VT52, VT100 and VT220 are registered trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation.
dot Windows is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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