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V3.3.0 Beta released 23rd December 2014

  1. Fixed typo in usage message(!). Expanded SGA -> Suppress Go Ahead.
  2. Stopped WSOCK_PutHost() from doubling 0xFF codes when in binary-mode.
  3. Add emulator tester for internal use only.
  4. Added 'Run after installation' option to the installer.
  5. Added support for new line attributes - DW/DH character widths and heights.
  6. Added 'Popup on I/O' menu. Added code to minimize window, wait for I/O activity, then restore the window.
  7. Fixed manifest app name, description, version and GUI styling.
  8. Added 'Paste' item to the pop-up menu.
  9. Added code to remember the last tab selected on the 'Settings' dialog.
  10. Added code to eat 'ESC[m' sequences (Linux). Added 'Unix Termcap Workround' checkbox to the 'Attributes' panel.
  11. Migrated to MinGW for development.
V3.2.12 released 17th March 2011
  1. Removed the programmable key validation allowing characters > 0x7F to be set remotely.
V3.2.11 released 30th March 2010
  1. Fixed long-standing awkwardness with command-line supplied configuration file path.
V3.2.10 released 3rd March 2010
  1. Added a Tx character pacing option to the serial-ports.
V3.2.9 released 22nd February 2009
  1. Increased size of the paste buffers to 60K (from 16K).
  2. Updated URL's to point to the new website.
V3.2.8 released 18th April 2008
  1. Added Binary Session option to the comms dialog. When checked, the Telnet session is forced into binary mode. If unchecked, the server must initiate switching to binary mode.
  2. Added -b/--nobinary command-line option to completely disable binary session negotiation.
V3.2.7 released 15th April 2008
  1. Added -T, /T, --title command-line option to allow setting a custom title.
  2. Fixed bug when clearing un-write-protected lines, columns and regions in Wyse55+ mode (Thanks Steve!).
V3.2.5 released 31st October 2007
  1. Crashing bug-fix to the 'hosts' parser when showing the Connect dialog (Thanks Todd!).
V3.2.4 released 6th October 2007
  1. Added 'Add' and 'Delete All' menu items to the top of the paste buffer drop-list.
  2. Added a pop-up sub-menu shown when right-clicking on a paste buffer drop-list item.
  3. Pop-up sub-menu has 'Edit', 'Delete' and 'Rename' items operating on an individual paste buffer.
  4. Added various support dialogs for the new paste buffer features.
  5. Paste buffer reload button now obsolete, but still present. The paste buffer drop-list menu scans for files before appearing.
  6. Handle '&' characters correctly in the drop-list menu item strings.
V3.2.2 released 11th September 2007
  1. Changed the 'Sound' checkbox into a drop-list with Off/System/Internal sound settings. Enabling use of the internal loud-speaker.
V3.2.1 released 30th August 2007
  1. Added 'Paste-Buffers' toolbar buttons: Reload and a drop-list Paste button.
  2. Added mouse-wheel support to the scroll-back buffer scrollbar.
  3. Fixed scrollbar thumb reset when window is resized or minimized.
  4. Added Toolbar customization. Layout is stored with the other settings.
  5. Fixed (possible) MRUList bug.
V3.2.0 released 9th May 2007
  1. ALT-F4 closes the Wiseterm.
  2. Added 'Protect Sequence' attribute to the programmable keys. When checked the key cannot be cleared or programmed by the server.
  3. Server originated programmable key sequences that contain characters >127 are handled, but then ignored.
  4. Changed the default function key sequences to include the terminating <CR>. This breaks earlier user-defined function key sequences as a terminating <CR> is no longer automatically appended.
V3.1.10 released 11th November 2006
  1. Fix for 'box' characters on the status-line and key-labels in 132-column mode.
V3.1.9 released 10th November 2006
  1. New-style settings files are always loaded from:
    'C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Wiseterm\'.
    This includes the 'WY55.WTX' and 'WISETN32.INI' files which will be copied to the new location, along with the phone-list, when upgrading Wiseterm.
  2. When migrating settings, Wiseterm finds the location of the phone-list from the settings file. If the phone-list exists, it is copied into the new settings directory. The phone-list path in the copied settings file then has the path component removed.
  3. When a simple filename is used for the phone-list and the logfile, the new settings directory is used as the base.
  4. Licence information is now additionally written to two locations in the registry: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wiseterm and \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wiseterm under the value name 'UserInfo'.
  5. Changed phonelist default to be a simple filename like the logfile.
  6. Fix button positioning on ErrMsgBox.
  7. Added getopt-style command-line arguments. Added Version, Help and Usage messages displayed in a dialog-box. Preserved old-style /P and /V usage.
  8. Added --nonaws, --noauth, --notermtype, --nosga, --wy50, --wy60 and a set of single character equivalents.
  9. Fixed a bug which caused a command-line hostname to fail to connect.
  10. Made the error message-box wider and added a mono-spaced font mode.
  11. Implemented "The Q Method Of Implementing Telnet Option Negotiation" See RFC1143 for details.
  12. Support for AUTHENTICATION, ECHO, Suppress Go Ahead (SGA), Negotiate About Window Size (NAWS) and general SB/SE blocks.
  13. The Telnet IAC handler now sends complete, Ethereal friendly, Telnet command packets.
  14. Added a scrollback buffer and scrollbar.
  15. Copy/Print commands changed so that they Copy/Print what is currently being displayed.
  16. Added ALT-Up, ALT-Down, ALT-PgUp, ALT-PgDn, ALT-Home and ALT-End scrollbar keyboard shortcuts.
  17. Added 'Scrollback' setting on 'Display' tab which sets the number of lines of scrollback buffer.
  18. Added 'Reset Scrollback' option. When checked, re-positions scrollbar if there is display activity.
  19. Added 'DNSLookup' setting on 'Comms' tab. When unchecked, doesn't convert an IP address to hostname.
  20. Removed support for loading fonts in the application directory.
  21. The new installer puts the 'linedraw.ttf' font in the system fonts folder if permitted.
  22. Added 'Ignore Linedraw' option on the 'Display' settings tab to hide the "Warning! Font: 'MS LineDraw' not found." message.
  23. Added 'Reset List...' to the 'Telnet' menu option. Deletes MRU entries, after a confirmation dialog.
  24. Telephone numbers up to 31 characters in length are now supported.
  25. Added VERSIONINFO. Right-click on the executable, and select 'Version' tab.
  26. Wiseterm window is now forced to be completely within the current work-area.
  27. Added text on Registration dialog referring user to our website.
  28. Added Website and Register menu items to the Help menu. Register menu item hidden if registered.
  29. Added Search item to the Help menu and a Search link to the docs uses off-line 'Zoom' search engine.
V3.1.2 released 11th February 2006
  1. Fixed socket bug regarding unread data when socket closed (again!).
  2. Added support for 7-bit National Replacement Characters (NRC).
  3. Fixed bugs in escaped string handling (Thanks Michael!).
  4. Enforced 7-bit handling for programmable key sequences.
V3.1.0 released 6th October 2005
  1. Added Keyboard Settings Dialog allowing the programmable keys to be set and remembered.
  2. Fixed settings change detection. Previously, settings assumed changed if OK clicked.
  3. Detects the maximum available COM port. COM1-4 always available.
  4. Added cancel button to 'Settings Changed' dialog.
  5. Fixed bug where settings drop-lists were being filled without being cleared.
  6. Fixed bug if US spelling checked. "Recognise" <--> "Recognize".
  7. Fixed string codec so that it supports '^~' (0x1E) and '^?' (0x7F) sequences.
V3.0.11 released 27th September 2005
  1. Fixed ESCj scrolling bug.
  2. Change nag-ware timeouts to be less annoying.
  3. Fixed socket bug. Unread data in buffer was lost when socket was closed.
  4. Fixed missing cursor-home bug in ESCx0. (Thanks Brian!)
  5. Fixed message-field maximum length. Varies with emulation mode and width.
  6. Fixed status-line drawing code position and number of characters.
  7. Fixed maximum lengths of Keylabel fields. Varies with emulation mode and width.
  8. Added transparent print mode. Eats all characters between CTRL-X and CTRL-T
  9. Added ESCd# transparent print mode on.
  10. Added 'Short Key Definitions' attribute option. Quirk emulation.
  11. Added 'Debug Emulation' attribute option. Helps debug missing emulation features.
V3.0.7 released 2nd May 2005
  1. Improvement in performance.
  2. 'About' box Email link starts the default email client when clicked.
  3. 'About' box Web link starts the default web-browser when clicked.
V3.0.6 released 22nd October 2004
  1. Added 'Backspace as DEL' option to 'Features' menu.
  2. Fixed "Help|Contents..." HTML documentation menu item.
  3. Fixed top two MRU items in 'Telnet' menu.
  4. Fixed minor memory leak.
V3.0.5 released 1st September 2004
  1. Using new NSIS 2.0 installer.
V3.0.4 released 14th November 2003
  1. Passing a name from the phone book or a telephone number on the command-line dials.
  2. Added new 'Reset Terminal' option to popup menu (same as ALT-F3).
  3. Added toolbar button 'Disconnect' (equivalent to the menu option).
  4. Added toolbar button 'Reset' (equivalent to the popup menu option).
  5. Added four user-defined toolbar buttons that act like function keys.
  6. Updates to documentation. Added page describing local keyboard commands.
V3.0.3 released 10th November 2003
  1. Added 'Edit' button to About-box and new dialog to edit Email and Web Details.
  2. About-box 'Licenced to:' field is now double-height to accomodate longer UserID strings.
V3.0.2 released 3rd November 2003
  1. Added UK/US language detection and customisation.
  2. Added support for configuring the Modem Command strings.
  3. Added the possibility of customising the About box Web and Email fields.
V3.0.1 released 27th October 2003
  1. Changed version number format to N.N.N.
  2. Keylock no longer prevents ALT-F3 reset.
  3. Settings now initialised correctly even if settings file isn't found.
  4. Settings dialogs now correctly initialised. Removed bogus 16-bit casts.
  5. Added Misc. setting for phone-book path and filename.
  6. Added warning messages if the phone book can't be located.
  7. Installer no longer ships with default configuration file.
  8. Various updates to the supplied documentation.
  9. Tries to choose 'Courier New' or 'Fixedsys' font on first run.
  10. Sizes window to fit in work-area on first run.
V3.00 released 18th October 2002
  1. Updated the source to cpp and win32 standards.
  2. Fixed nasty font resource leak when resizing.
  3. Added serial-port support with extra settings panels and dynamic menus.
  4. Added a 'Settings...' option to the pop-up menu.
  5. Reintroduced the keylock/unlock commands, but added a 'features' option that prevents them from actually locking the keyboard.
  6. Added an ALT-F3 terminal function that resets the terminal: clears screen, shows cursor, homes cursor, unlocks keyboard.
  7. Added modem dialer and phone-book.
  8. Added a hassle-timer to annoy freeloaders.
  9. Terminal beep is now mapped to "Default sound".
  10. Implemented paste command. Arbitrarily large chunks of text can be pasted into the keyboard buffer.
  11. Paste button on toolbar.
  12. Added Alt-C (Copy), Alt-V (Paste) and Alt-P (Print) accelerators.
V2.04a released 27th February 2000
  1. HTML help modified to work with Netscape browsers.
V2.04 released 17th October 1999
  1. Now works with keyboard layouts other than Language : English (United States) and Layout : British.
  2. Displays characters codes > 127.
  3. Character map key sequences now functional e.g. ALT+0174 gives ®.
  4. Printing now works reliably.

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